We exist to help you find the hotel in Saratov you will be happy to stay in; to help you sort out the problems you may have with such things as tickets, interpreters, university rules, shopping and finding good places of entertainment in Saratov. We would also be glad to guide you along our city streets and to show you our Art Gallery, our Conservatory and our wonderful parks. Since we live in 2015, of course, we find the World Wide Web the best means to establish contacts between people located in different areas of the world. But we are not going to restrict our activities to the virtual world. Our main goal is to help people from Saratov, London, New York, Sydney and … (your city here) to do business together in the real world. Business meetings and conferences for local managers, marketers and business people, where the speakers will be invited from the UK or the USA, are just one idea we are planning to realize in the coming years. Our Discussion Forum is the first step towards the real international community we are looking forward to creating. Please feel free to join it: the only thing you actually need to be a member is to be able to speak (actually, write) in English. We will be happy to answer all your questions.