Business Opportunities

The history of Saratov revolves around trade and entrepreneurship. Saratov originally gained importance as a military administrative center. However, the land rich with its natural resources very soon became a rallying point for merchants.

Likewise, trade serves as the focus of present-day Saratov. However, new business trends have emerged. Four leading corporations set the tone for Saratov business: Saratovsteklo, Liksar, Narat and Rim.

Saratovsteklo is one of three Russian glass giants. It includes three factories specializing in glass sheets, consumer goods, and industrial glass processing, respectively.

Liksar is the Saratov liquor and vodka factory. Liksar’s vodka production amounts to 60-70% of overall production among Saratov hard beverage manufacturers.

The early 90s were remarkable in terms of Saratov business because of the emergence of a new structure that became the most powerful in the region within a short period of time: Narat Holding. Then Narat Bank was established, one of the largest Saratov credit organizations. By taking an active part in auctions, Narat took control over the Microshlif (Saratov’s machine building factory), Saratov Glass Institute, and other firms. Furthermore, Narat Bank is engaged in very profitable businesses: corn, petroleum and glass production. Wood processing is becoming a very profitable business nowadays as well and encompasses wood export and furniture production and export.

Traditional activities of Rim Imperia have been the sale of electronic devices. However, the company’s interests and structure have diversified. The holding earns and accumulates money and invests it in the development of new businesses.

Saratov has other industries, but the most important of them are under control of the above businesses. For example, Saratov machine building factory, wood processing factories (including a furniture center and wood industrial zone), an asphalt and concrete mill, Geo-Narat (oil extraction and processing), six petroleum bases, brick works, insurance and investment companies, and shop networks with goods ranging from food to jewelery and luxury items.

Saratov business demonstrates social responsibility. It supports the youth (home building, payment for education, extra pay to young specialists), improves working conditions and safety standards, and offers additional payment for nourishment and health care.


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