Like many other old Volga cities, Saratov celebrates traditional festivals. Over centuries, the circus has enjoyed popularity in Russian society and among foreign guests. Regular circus shows have been held in Saratov for more than a century.

The history of the Russian circus began when the young yet famous artists, brothers Nikitins, purchased circus materials including horses, vans, tent and costumes. December 5, 1873 is the birthday of the Russian National Circus. Before this date the circus was the property of Austrian Emanuel Beranek.

The first circus building in Saratov was founded in 1876. Until 1959 it was a wooden construction located in the city center. In the early 1960s it moved to a new building. Many masters of this art were brought up within its walls. Famous circus persons began their artistic careers in its arena.

Nowadays it is one of the famous Russian circuses providing unique technical effects and modern light and sound equipment. Saratov Circus has won multiple contests. Since 1999 Russian and International festivals have been held here.


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