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Nikitin Brothers circus

Not so many people know that the beginning of the Russian National Circus started in Saratov in 1873 when Dmitriy, Akim and Peter Nikitin, three brothers, three acrobats from Saratov, became the first Russian circus entrepreneurs. They were great innovators – instead of temporary marquees that were used by travelling circuses, they decided to build a stationary building, and they did it in 1876.

The first performance gave a wide popularity to the circus, growing ever since. It survived the hardest years of the Revolution, Civil War and starvation. During the Great Patriotic War it ran uninterrupted. All these years Saratov Circus keeps standards of Russian Circus art and its traditions. Since 1999 Russian and International Circus Festivals are regularly held there.

In 1931 Saratov Circus got the new building not far from the old one, but more equipped and adapted for the circus needs. After being rebuilt several times, the final version of the Circus was erected in 1998 for its 125th anniversary. It has the names of Nikitin brothers above its entrance and invites you to come and share the joy of the bright circus world.

Prices vary from £5 to £15.