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Nature park “Tin-Zin”

A big nature park (around 1000-1300 acres) with a strange sounding “Tin-Zin” is located on the left shore of the Volga river and is a part of Engels city, separated from it by the lake called Stav. The name of this park probably comes from the Chinese language, and according to the legend was given to the park by some Chinese merchants living there. Another version is that it comes from the German word “zein” which means “ten”. None of these versions are proved to be the right one, but this doesn’t affect the park being one of the favourite places for people to have picnics, lit the fire, swim, ride bikes and have a great time outdoor.

On the weekend you may see lots of people in most parts of the park that are closer to the city, but if you go deeper you may find a place where there aren’t so many tourists and campers. People like to go hiking and biking here, picking up mushrooms and herbs here.