Radischev fine arts state museum

Radischev fine arts state museum, being the first public museum in Russian province, was solemnly opened to the public on June 29, 1885.

The founder of the museum is a talented Russian painter, professor of the Fine arts academy Alexey Bogolyubov. He named this museum in honor of his famous grandfather, Alexander Radishchev, author of the book “The Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow.” Bogolyubov donated to the city his valuable collection which included about 1500 his paintings and drawings. Saratov has been chosen not by chance for creation of the museum and the drawing school in the Russian province. According to the family tradition, the Upper Ablyazov village in Saratov province was considered the birthplace of A. Radishchev. The museum was built in the classical style. Especially for this project Bogolyubov invited his old friend – the architect I. Strom. The museum has a remarkable collection of European and Russian art, with more than 35 thousand units of storage. There are exhibited works of many famous artists and sculptors: Karl Bryullov, Dmitry Levitsky, Vasily Surikov, Ilya Repin, Victor Borisov-Musatov, Fedor Rokotoff, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Saryan, Etienne Falcone, etc.

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