Saratov regional museum of local history

The museum fund comprises about 400 thousand items: extensive archaeological, ethnographic, paleontological, entomological collections, herbaria, photos, documents, hand-written and early printed books, coins and medals, religious items, different historical and cultural materials about settings in Saratov. Visitors are especially interested in the memorial collections that have to do with many famous people: composers, writers, actors and so on. The Museum has a unique collection relevant to the life and activities of P. Stolypin – Saratov Governor and one of the most prominent Russian prime ministers. Fanciers of rarity can find many interesting items there. The museum hosts rare materials on the 1921 famine in the Volga Region and the world only YaK-1 combat aircraft. The big part of exhibition represents the diverse nature and history of the region from the ancient time to the present. Regular historical, ethnographic, folklore, archaeological and naturalist expeditions add a lot of items to the museum collection. Visiting this museum you can not only get acquainted with the history of Saratov and its environs, but also admire the variety of the natural world of the region.

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