Sites/pages about Saratov in Russian

Official sites

Saratov Administration
An official site of the Administration and Mayor of Saratov City.

Saratov Regional Government
An official site of Saratov Region Government. News, events, and information.

General information and photos

Saratov: History and reproductions of old postcards
Brief history of Saratov. Reference information about old Saratov. Guestbook.

Saratov Region
Saratov: All sorts of information about Saratov Region: people, nature, places, history, science, culture, and much more.

Businesses, enterprises, companies

Saratov Stroy Steklo
The official site of all glass factories in Saratov. Products, news, contact information.

Vympel: Scientific and Industrial Company
The official site. The company produces automatic control equipment for transportation systems, energetic systems and gas storage systems. Products, contact information, publications.


Saratov Business Consulting
All Saratov news. Business, economics, universities and colleges. Discussion forum. Business search. University and college search. The most comprehensive directory of Saratov-related sites. Saratov Region United
All news about Saratov region. Business, economics, government, history and media. Saratov online. Saratov Entertainment Guide
Food, movies, theatres, shopping, night clubs and much more. All information about entertainment in Saratov.

Saratov City Portal
All Saratov news. Business, economics, dating and medical consulting. Discussion forum and chat. Humour and funny photos. A directory of Saratov organizations with websites.

Education: universities, colleges, schools

Saratov State University
The official site of Saratov State University. All news and information. English and German versions also available.

Saratov State Socio-Economic University
The official site. All news and information. English, German, French, Spanish and Polish versions also available.

Volga Academy of Public Service
The official site.

Saratov State Law Academy
The official site. News, information, International programs. Contact details.

Sports, sport teams

Sokol Saratov
An official site of the “Sokol” football team.

An official site of the “Avtodor” basketball team.


Saratov Music Consulting
The official site of the Musical department of the HOLLYWOOD supermarket.

Culture and entertainment

Attractions and entertainment in the City Park. Carrousels, fast rides, cafe, boating.


Slovakia Hotel
Information about Slovakia hotel at English version also available.

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