Saratov State University

For almost a century Saratov State University has served as one of the largest educational center of Saratov Region. Its infrastructure encompasses 11 buildings and 28 departments. After 1998 five establishments were affiliated with SSU: Saratov Pedagogical Institute, Balashov Affiliation of SSU, Yablochkov College of Radio Electronics, Geology College, and the College of Administration and Service.

The University provides a good basis for specializing in various fields. Nowadays it includes 13 departments: Physics, Nonlinear Processes, Mathematics & Mechanics, Computer Science & Information Technologies, Geology, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, History, Philology, Social & Humanitarian Sciences, Philosophy and Sociology. For international students, a preparatory department provides special courses in Russian language and literature. The Summer Camp project also arranges the study of the Russian language for foreigners.

28,000 students currently study at Saratov State University . Well-qualified professors and assistants provide expert education. More then half of them hold PhDs, over 250 have earned Doctor’s degree./p>

SSU involves students in scientific research. A wide range of facilities assists in scientific activities: a computer center, a center of new computer technologies, a botanical garden, a patent department, a scientific research institute, and a scientific research office. The V.A. Artisevich Regional Scientific Library contains over three million books and printed editions and provides free access to electronic information resources.

Scientific studies include numerous majors:

  • Biophysics, biochemistry, physiology of man & animals, genetics, cytogenetics, microbiology, plant & animal ecology, zoology;
  • Engineering psychology, economics;
  • Landscape geography, meteorology, geodesy, paleonthology, petrophysics, mineralogy, geophysical methods of exploration, hydrogeology & geological engineering, archeological excavations in Saratov & the Volga area;
  • History of the Independence Movement in Russia, history of Russian, Soviet & foreign Literature, problems of verbal & literary communication, history & theory of literary criticism, Russian folklore, modern Russian, theoretical problems of language studies;
  • Theoretical & applied mathematics, mathematical cybernetics, computing experiment in mechanics;
  • Nonlinear dynamics, science of waves, radiophysics, electronics, nuclear physics, solids-state physics, semiconductor physics, optics, astronomy & space science, spectroscopy;
  • Solids-state chemistry, chemical resources of current, wastewater treatment, organic semiconductors, composites, high-temperature superconductivity.

SSU has developed close ties with the best universities of Western Europe, North America and Asia in terms of student exchanges as well as PhD student and instructor exchanges. Blaise Pascal University (France, Clermont-Ferrand), Wyoming University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA) and Western Michigan University (USA) have launched students exchange projects with SSU.

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