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Russia may have a reputation as a cold country – but it’s a false one, because its territory is absolutely huge and each Russian city has its unique weather. The climate of Saratov is great for any number of summer and winter outdoor activities.

Saratov’s summer time begins almost in spring, so it’s appropriate that the city is set for a blast of spectacularly summery weather beginning from about May 1. Average temperatures of up to 22C in May and up to 30C in June-August are typical for this time of year – so don’t let them go to waste. Check out the list below with details of Saratov outdoor activities you can experience.

Go for a short run in parks

Bursting into bloom, Saratov’s parks are reawakening in spring. The city has many parks and open spaces so there are plenty of options wherever you may find yourself. A perennial favourite, City Park has row boats, adventure park, tennis courts with swimming pool and amusements. The centrally located “Lipki” Park is surrounded by some of the city’s best cultural attractions, including the Conservatory and the Radischev Fine Arts State Museum. If you have an interest in military machinery, check out the Victory Park with fascinating city view.

Enjoy canoeing and other water activities on the Volga river

Medveditsa is a lovely watery heaven in the west of Saratov. It does have some great areas for canoeing. Tourists can join a canoeing tour accompanied by mature instructors. Canoeing experience is a chance to learn everything you need to know about this small craft and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Volga region. Coupled with the full camping experience of food, campfire and sports games it’s going to be the total blast. If you’re prepared to get wet, try one of the extreme water activities like wakeboarding or kite surfing. If you prefer «wild swimming», visit one of the city beaches or any place on the bank of the river. Swimming is allowed almost everywhere.

Explore the Volga region from above

You can feel your stomach tickles when you’re taken dozens of metres above the ground. Watch the buildings getting smaller and experience the breathtaking scenery and landmarks surrounding Saratov – green fields and endless waters of the Volga river.

If you like the chills, there’s a range of thrilling flying activities for your choice – you can experience ultralight flights, try powered parachutes, maneuverable paragliders, agile hang gliders, and, of course, unforgettable parachutes. Another option would be to get a perspective of Saratov land from inside a helicopter or a small plane. While many tourists look up at the sights in cities, you can be the one who looks down on them, watching the historic buildings and iconic landmarks from above.

Check out the full list of outdoor activities including winter ones!


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