Awesome XXth century hotels

Every now and then being a tourist you come across a unique hotel that you fall in love so much and you can’t stop raving about it to everyone you know. Sometimes they’re places you discover on your own, sometimes they come highly recommended from friends and sometimes they are recommended by the locals. Being the locals we would like to highlight some places that are worth staying overnight.

It’s perfect if your hotel is located in the center of the city so that you are free to walk by night. Moreover taking an out-of-the-ordinary walk through the city can still cover top landmarks. Street lights and special lighting accentuate shapes and dramatise even the loveliest buildings. From this point of view Saratov is an ideal place for tourism — almost all the best and yet affordable hotels are in its center.

Volga Hotel

One of the oldest hotels in the city is Volga Hotel that’s located in the very historical center of Saratov — main pedestrian street — Kirova avenue. It offers accommodation for 88 persons and is a part of Astoria hotel complex. The building of the Volga hotel is a monument of architecture of the early 20th century, a magnificent, unique example of late Art Nouveau. Within a 10 minutes walk from the hotel there are “Lipki” Park and the Embankment overlooking the bridge across the Volga river.


Prices vary from £30 to £150 depending on the room type.

Bohemia Hotel Group

Another great option for your stay in Saratov might be the Bohemia Hotel Group. It is one of the largest regional hotel groups that includes six modern and comfortable hotels.

It doesn’t have a long history behind, but the hotels of this group provide European level of service and personal attention to each guest. Your room will always be clean, sheets will be white as Alpine peaks and freshly brewed coffee will give a good mood in the morning. Almost all the hotels of the group are located in the center, they differ only by type. You can choose either the biggest one with a lot of add-on services, big restaurants and cafes or a small one that looks almost like a private guest house and provides similar kind of “family like” service.

Bohemia small

Prices vary from £20 to £95 depending on the room type.

Slovakia Hotel

Slovakia Hotel is located on the Embankment of the Volga river beside the river-boat station. This modern 15-storey building is visible for miles around, which also means that the views from the rooms are impressive: the Volga, the Embankment, the Trinity Cathedral and other sightseeings look awesome when viewed from the hotel observation point. Right after leaving the hotel you are free to enjoy a promenade through the pedestrian zone of the Volga river embankment with the length over a mile.

Slovakia Hotel restaurant is one of the best in the city, it offers delicious Russian and European cuisine. In addition, in summer you are welcome to come out to the patio on the Volga river embankment.


Prices vary from £30 to £150 depending on the room type.

Pearl Hotel

Pearl is a new generation hotel. It’s an island of comfort and relaxation in the heart of the city located near the old “Lipki” Park and the Volga river embankment. The hotel combines luxury with the latest technology and high level of service with reasonable price.

In the morning guests have a hot breakfast with an option of bringing it to the room. Gourmets and lovers of good food will appreciate the hotel’s restaurant and 24/7 coffee shop.


Prices vary from £50 to £200 depending on the room type.

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